Soul Avenger v1.0.24 APK

Requirements: Android 3.0+
Overview: In a world ruled by the Dark Lord, filled with fear and murders, begins the story of an unexpected hero, Sigmus, The Dark Lord’s esteemed right-hand, gifted with immortality so long as hatred reigns in his heart.

His battle prowess makes him a superlative enemy that can bring down kingdoms with a swing of his sword. After centuries of being the harbinger of fear and death, he spares the life of a young elven woman, in exchange for her servitude to the Dark Lord. 

Soon, the Elf became a skilled warrior of the Dark Lord’s army, but then the unpredictable happened. Sigmus fell in love with her. With the unexpected turn of events, Sigmus betrayed the Dark Lord and escaped the darkness with the Elf. But for a knight of the Dark Lord, love had its price. As his love for her flourished, his gift of immortality slowly faded. Now, as a mere mortal, Sigmus buried his past behind and started a new life.

After years of hiding, it seems that destiny will always find its way to stain Sigmus’ hands with blood once again. One night, out of the shadows, Sigmus was mysteriously attacked. Wounded and confused, Sigmus woke up in a familiar place. Sword and shield ready, he vowed to unmask the one responsible for the attack. Thus began his epic adventure that would lead to his ultimate destiny as the Soul Avenger.

Soul Avenger is a action-packed role-playing game that follows the story of Sigmus, the Dark Lord’s once immortal right-hand, who fell in love with a young elven woman. Now a mere mortal and facing the greatest threat to his life and happiness, Sigmus starts his quest to unlock the secrets of his past and discover his true destiny.

Conquer the game’s unique stages that become more challenging as you progress. Take on quests and finish achievements that will lead to Sigmus’ true destiny. Enter the City Market to sell and purchase armors, weapons, skills, and premium gems to achieve battle supremacy!

• Action-packed role playing game
• Impressive graphics that’ll satisfy even hardcore RPG players
• Conquer the game’s unique stages that become more challenging as you go deeper into your journey
• Finish quests and achievements that will lead to Sigmus’ true destiny
• Enter the City Market to sell and purchase weapons, armors, potions and premium gems
• Upgrade your gear and skills with premium gems to achieve battle supremacy
• Exchange premium gems into gold

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SD Data: Android/obb

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