Requirements: Android 3.0+
Overview: 3D + Physics + Shooting ! Probably the most innovative and interesting mobile game you will ever played!

Cubot is an exciting shooting game with amazing 3D environment. Beautiful 3D graphics and lighting effects with innovative physic factors make the game very interesting. Your goal is to control Cubot to defeat enemies with fire power. Avoid enemies'fire and unkillable resistant with your movement and jumping. Cubot will power up her status with leveling and level is rise by gaining experiences from defeating enemies and completing stages.

Innovative and exciting gameplay style
3D environment with dynamic physic engine
Stunning graphic and lighting effects
Over 90 levels for you to achieves
Over 30 Stages for your challenge
Many elite enemies are waiting for your challenge
Large variations of enemies and AIs
Power up Cubot status with leveling
Level up your Cubot by gaining experience from defeating enemies
Each level gain specific status enhancement to help you defeat enemy more efficiency
Cubot able to jump to avoid unkillable resistants
Cubot's special weapon able to defeat tough enemies
We will continue to improve the gameplay and keep adding more interesting elementsThe power of Cubot is the key to conquer the stage. When you face a tough enemy that you cannot defeat. It's better to go back to previous stage to gain enough experience to power up Cubot and challenge again.

We will continue to improve the gameplay by adding more stages with various gameplay, designing more enemies with difference attitudes and AIs, create more elite enemies with special power unique skills. Enhance the graphic and models quality.

Our goal is to create a very innovative and interesting game that everyone enjoys to play it. The value is far more than the price and you will not regret to have Cubot in you mobile.

Zippyshare (20.88 MB)

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