Fruit Ninja v2.1.2 Paid APK

Requirements: Android 2.3.3+
Overview: For the hundreds of millions of fans around the world with trillions of fruit sliced - thank you for your amazing continued support! You have made Fruit Ninja one of the most popular games of all-time!

Play Fruit Ninja like never before! We've rebuilt the legendary original slicing game from the ground up, adding fresh new gameplay and characters for new and existing fans alike!
In the biggest addition to Fruit Ninja since launch, all Blades and Dojos now have a unique effect on gameplay. Want a ten-fruit Great Wave? Bouncing clouds to never drop a fruit? Swirling tornados for epic combos? Mix and match your gear, experiment with all the powers and find what works for you!

Microsoft Office Mobile v15.0.3515.2000 APK

Requirements: Android 4.0+
Overview: Microsoft Office Mobile is the official Office companion optimized for your Android phone. You can access, view and edit your Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint documents from virtually anywhere.
Microsoft Office Mobile - screenshot

Documents look like the originals, thanks to support for charts, animations, SmartArt graphics and shapes. When you make quick edits or add comments to a document, the formatting and content remain intact.*

Minecraft - Pocket Edition v0.10.1 (+Mods, Servers, Textures, Maps, Seeds) APK

Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Imagine it, build it. Create worlds on the go with Minecraft - Pocket Edition !

The new Minecraft - Pocket Edition allows you to build on the go. Use blocks to create masterpieces as you travel, hangout withfriends, sit at the park, the possibilities are endless. Move beyond the limits of your computer and playMinecraft everywhere you go.

Dodo Master v2.01 APK

Requirements: Android 4.0+
Overview: In Dodo Master you will help an imprisoned Dodo escape from her mysterious captors!

In Dodo Master you will help an imprisoned Dodo escape from her mysterious captors and reclaim her stolen eggs. Journey through the deepest caves and the most terrifying dungeons while vanquishing rats, giant spiders and the most cunning of Dodo-trapping devices.

Poweramp Music Player (Full) v2.0.10-build-565 (All Devices+HD Skins) APK

Requirements: Android 2.1+, Root
Poweramp is a powerful music player for Android!

Follow us on twitter @PowerampAPP to get instant updates on app development progress, feature spotlight, theme sharing, take part in giveaways and even chances for free copies of Poweramp.

The World II Hunting BOSS v1.0 APK

Requirements: Android 2.3.3+
Overview: This is a game for you to face off gigantic monsters while progressing through the story to become the epic hero of the world!

Pay to win a game doesn't always sound exiciting and meaningful, now here is a game that is all about slaying giantmonsters, earn bounties, and perform some stylish moves. It is all up to you and your team to decide what to do next!


Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: The most acclaimed action/RPG game returns with 3x the Heroes, 3x the Dungeons and 3x the Loot!!

As the last Demon Tower fell, the people of Northern Udar cheered their new hero. Their cheers, however, were short lived. Corrupted by demon magic, the last of the great Dragons unleashed a horrible evil upon the world by unsealing the Eternity Sword. Mawzok'Kahl, Lord of Hell, self-proclaimed Heir to the World, sets his sights on the kingdoms of Udar. And as suddenly as it came, it seems as though peace in Northern Udar has once again been snuffed out.

Trials Frontier v2.5.1 (Mod Money) APK

Requirements: Android 2.3.3+
Overview: Explore a vast world on your motorcycle.

Compete against your friends on Global Leaderboards. Master physics-based tracks to challenge the world's top riders for the best times. Race your motorcycle through a world of adventure, crazy characters, and unfairly addictive tracks!

Trimaginator ▲ v1.4.9 APK

Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Make your pictures stand out from the same old thing that you typically post or share!

Trimaginator allows you to unleash your creativity and turn your photos into unique works of art! Trimaginator is inspired by the Triangulation invented by the mathematician Boris Delaunay in 1934. While the process behind is complicated, the image is reduced to its essentials and turned into a triangle mesh.

µTorrent® Pro - Torrent App v2.23 APK

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Upgrade to AD-FREE μTorrent® Pro, from the developers of the #1 torrent app in the Google Play Store, and the #1 bittorrent client on desktops worldwide!

µTorrent Pro (uTorrent Pro) is a light, powerful, AD-FREE app to help you download the stuff you love, directly to your phone or tablet. If you like the µTorrent desktop client or the μTorrent(uTorrent) app for Android, you’ll love µTorrent Pro. And, because this edition of the µTorrent Android app is new to the Google Play store, you can upgrade to µTorrent Pro at a special introductory price.

RTCW Touch v1.4.1 (Mod) APK

Requirements: Android 3.1+
Overview: 'Return To Castle Wolfenstein'' is a registered trademark of Activision and id Software. 

RTCW Touch - screenshot

All trademarks are used under the terms of Fair Use. Screen shots are for demonstration purposesonly.