Warhammer Quest v1.0.8 APK

Requirements: Android 4.0+
Overview: Based on the classic tabletop game, Warhammer Quest is an addictive mix of role-playing and strategy!

Lead your group of brave adventurers through the perilous dungeons of the Warhammer World in the search
for wealth and glory!

Kill the Plumber v1.0.6 APK

Requirements: Android 2.3+
Overview: From the creator of Pretentious Game comes a new platformer with a twist!

From the creator of Pretentious Game comes a new platformer with a twist! It's payback time as you play as the enemies instead of the hero in this unique platformer puzzle game!

Never Alone Kisima Ingitchuna v1.0.0 APK

Requirements: Android 2.3+
Overview: Join Nuna and Fox as they search for the source of an eternal blizzard that threatens the survival of everything they have ever known!

Never Alone is an atmospheric puzzle platformer developed in collaboration with the IƱupiat, an Alaska Native people, drawn from a traditional story that has been shared across the generations.


Requirements: Android 4.1+
Overview: Best looking zombie shooter ever that you haven’t seen on a mobile device yet!

Stop the zombie infection in New York before it becomes global. As Joe, you are working for a private military conglomerate (a unit called Wolfpack). The job for you and your unit is to clean the New York area and not allow the virus to spread around the world.

Death Race: The Game! v3 APK

Requirements: Android 4.1+
Overview: Welcome to the Death Race, the most extreme sports event on Earth, where hardened convicts race to the death to earn their freedom!

Welcome to the Death Race, the most extreme sports event on Earth, where hardened convicts race to the death to earn their freedom. Now you can experience the supercharged, metal-crushing intensity of the movie in a game for your Android device!

Machinarium v2.0.34 APK

Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: An award winning adventure game set in a world of robots, challenges and puzzles

Discover the award-winning, steam punk world of Machinarium, navigating a clever little robot called Josef from the scrapheap into the city to save his robot girlfriend.

Mortal Kombat X v1.2.1 [Mega Mod] APK

Requirements: Android 4.0+
Overview: Bring the power of next-gen gaming to your mobile and tablet device with this visually groundbreaking fighting and card collection game. 

Assemble an elite team of Mortal Kombat warriors and prove yourself in the greatest fighting tournament on Earth.

Feed Me Oil 2 v1.1.1 APK

Requirements: Android 2.3.3+
Overview: Channel oil into the gaping jaws of surreal living worlds in Feed Me Oil 2, the sequel to the groundbreaking and genre-defining Feed Me Oil!

Guide gallons of the stuff around a series of mind-bending mechanical designs using new and improved physics. Watch as the oil moves realistically around each level and through the air, water and along ice in four fun-filled chapters.

SpaceBeard v2.0 APK

Requirements:  Android 2.3+
Overview: Commander SpaceBeard’s spacecraft is under attack. Stranded in space he has no option but to fight!

Arm him with an array of arsenal and get to work doing battle with alien bugs in a fight for survival. Collect coins scattered around the spacecraft, trading them for weapons and armor upgrades. Avoid obstacles while running and battle your way towards higher scores.


Requirements:  Android 2.3+
Overview: Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie , the final instalment in the Zenithian trilogy, is now available on mobile devices!

Experience an epic adventure spanning two parallel worlds!
Recover the heroes’ long-lost memories, and bring the two worlds together!

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff v1.9.1 [Free Shopping & More] APK

Requirements: Varies with device
Overview: After another epic battle with the giant chicken, Peter Griffin has accidentally destroyed Quahog!

Play for FREE and rally your favorite FG characters (even Meg) to save the city in a hilarious new adventure from the writers of Family Guy. Or don’t, and regret it forever!