Gloomy Dungeons 3D v2013.01.24.1714 APK

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: It is old-school 3d shooter, indie game developed by small team.

Gloomy Dungeons 3D for Android is perfect if you're feeling a little bit nostalgic.
The first person shooter is arguably the most popular video game genre of all time. If you loved Doom andWolfenstein 3D and want to go to back to gaming in the early ‘90s, Gloomy Dungeons 3D is for you! The game has so many features that you will be glued to your phone for hours! Watch out for sore fingers!

- Virtual world simulation with 3D visuals
- Different types of enemies
- Travel through immense graphically detailed mazes
- 7 control modes
- More than 5 hours of game play
- Full version contains 25 different shooting locations
- Unlock new weapons, skills and spill more blood
- Optimized to run even on 1st Gen Android phones
This game uses many open-source sounds (and graphics in older versions), so it will be open-sourced completely soon.

What's in this version:
Totally new tutorial!
New monsters!
Additional visual effects
More ammo for pistol and shotgun
Shootgun improved
Max rotate angle increased (for Experimental control schemes)
Zeemote config in game menu
Sound issues fixed
Loading bar
Fix for devices with small screens
FC related to EGL_BAD_ALLOC should be fixed

More Info:

Download: Released by chathu_ac

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