GameCIH v3.0.0 (Full Mode, No Ads, Tutorial) APK

Requirements: Android 1.5+, Root
Overview: Game Cheat/Memory Editor/Crack/Hack Tool/Change Game Speed

You will become TOP 1 ranking in any games!
You could modify the game state (Score, Money, HP, Gold etc.) to allow for infinite lives, invulnerability, and etc.

What's new in this version:
-Enable network to get Hidden Mode
-Anti Anti-GameCIH
-Change icon

Download: APK - UPDATED 2014.07.28.

Tusfiles (2.3 MB)

*Do not use there Download manager Uncheck that option while Downloading!

If you need the Full version of GameCIH:
Enable Gamecih to go to full mode even when you are offline:
What you need is a patch made by the Developer of Gamespector.

If your device is not rooted, or you are not sure, or you don't know what "rooted" means -- DO NOT INSTALL this application, it won't work.
GameSpector is the ultimate application manipulation and system exploration tool, patch management, game cheat engine with one-click cheat install, SQLite database editor, ad blocker and URL editor tool. GameSpector includes:
* Open, feature-rich patching engine that ingests XML patches.
* One-click patch installation/removal.
* Patch sharing and patch rating functionality.
* URL editor with up-to-date blacklist that allows you to disable advertisements and change URLs in applications
* SQL editor that shows/edits ALL SQLite databases on your device.
* Powerful scripting and automation tool
* GameSpector does not make permanent system changes and will not damage your device.
Look inside /GameSpector on SD card for patch format description


Note: You must have GAMECIH version 3 installed.


1) Download Gamespector from the market.
2) Open Gamespector.
3) Select gamecih.
4) Click Show Patches.
5) Click the Patch to check it.
6) All done and you're good to go, you now have gamecih permanent hidden mode with no ads.



GameCIH can displays 3 different values on results:
1-byte - Ranges from: 0 - 255
2-byte - Ranges from: 0 - 65535
4-byte - Ranges from: 0 - 4294967295

Values Explained

1-byte (0-255): Games usually use this do defines a "Yes" or "No" function, such as, "is shooting." (but could be anything else.. is running, is jumping.. etc)
(If you set "is jumping" to 1, character will always be on air, which means it will be flying)
0 = No
1 = Yes

2-byte (0 - 65535): A number that can not be too large (look at 4-byte to learn more about 2-byte)

4-byte (0 - 4294967295): A something that is possible to have; for example, 999999 lives even if you will never use them, or even if it takes you 10 years to get 9999999 lives, but the question is: "is it possible?" Yes!
If it's possible, then it's a 4-byte value.

Locking Values

GameCIH has a LOCK , next to the values you find. You can click it, to LOCK the value so that it will never change.
Very useful with lives and other things you never want to lose.


On Game Cheating:


You have 10 lives
1. Open GameCIH and click "Input Value" , then enter 10.
2. Lose a life, then open CIH again and now you can enter 9 (because you now have 9) or (less symbol " - " because you have less lives now)
3. Lose another life.. now enter 8.
4. GameCIH should show a couple of results, change the result that says the same number as your lives.
5. Change the value.

Bullets / Continues
Same as Lives.

Anything number that can increase or decrease:
Same as lives

Character level
Pretending you are level 5, search for 5
then level up to 6, then search for 6
then level up to 7, search 7

Game Levels/Stage
- You are in level 1, search for 1
- You finish level 1, you are now on level 2.. search for 2
- you finish level 2, you are now on level 3.. search for 3


Unknown amount


Lets pretend you start off with this: (You don't know it's value)

Open up GameCIH , and click "low level analysis"
(it will display lots of numbers.. its ok)

Now get hit by an enemy.
You will now have less blood

open up GameCIH and click " - " (the less symbol because you have less blood than what you started with)

get hit by an enemy again,
you will then have less blood and will look like this

Once again, click less " - " (because is less than what you previously had)

get hit by an enemy again,
you will then have less blood and will look like this

Once again, click less " - " (because is less than what you previously had)

Keep repeating until you find the health on GameCIH and then change it, or lock it.



- Many times when you find something to change on GameCIH, there will be a "Related" button.
- When you click it, you could find many other things to change without ever having to search for them!


Getting Lucky
Using the GameCIH option "Input name"
you can try getting lucky by searching for:
- Cash
- Experience
- Level
Or anything else that comes to your mind that might be in the game.


Negative numbers on GameCIH
To enter negative numbers, you must know its unsigned value or something like that.
- Chances you know all negative numbers.. 1%
- To figure out what a negative number is, I suggest you download "Calc-P" ( Programmer's calculator CALC-P) from the Android Market.

With this calculator, you can you can find out what negative numbers are.. such as:
4294967295 = -1
or you can enter
-1 = 4294967295

You can enter any negative number, and find out what the corresponding value on GameCIH is.