ZENONIA® 5 1.1.8 Mod (Offline) APK

Overview: ZENONIA® 5 is one of the most popular and most loved role playing game for Android and iOS.
ZENONIA® 5 - screenshot

If you have been playing different games on your Android phone, then ZENONIA® 5 may be in your games list. This interesting game is full of entertainment and you will be able to turn your boring moments into the enjoyable ones by ZENONIA® 5.

The latest version of ZENONIA® 5 is v. 1.1.8 and you can download its full offline APK (modded) at provided download link at bottom of this page. The APK package contains the full offline files of the game and you can start playing the game right after downloading and installing the .apk file below. Before downloading the APK, you might love to read more about this entertaining game.

ZENONIA® 5 1.1.8 Features: The game is based on human society. Long time ago, there was sympathy and love all around. But by the passage of time, selfishness and other devil components became part of human society. People started deceiving each other for their benefits and love and sympathy got eliminated from the society.

In such a situation, from the ruined remains of a slum village, a hero arises and he starts fighting against the hatter and badness. This game makes you that hero and you need to utilize your skills and power to defeat the devil species which are harming humans and their society.

In the latest version, ZENONIA® 5 1.1.8, the graphics quality has been improved greatly and you will enjoy the game in HD. Moreover, 4 new exciting hero classes have been added which add more fun to the game.

In addition to several other entertainment opportunities, there is a “Global PvP” feature too which connects you with millions of online game players from all parts of the world. You can compete them and can sync your game details with them with great ease. This feature of the makes it more entertaining.

There are a lot of missions, hidden locations and challenges. As you will go through the game, you will explore a new world full of both fun and challenge. Thus ZENONIA® 5 will take you through new locations full of thrill each time you will complete a step successfully.

Download: APK
Direct mirror (49.9 MB)

ZENONIA® 5 - screenshot

ZENONIA® 5 - screenshot

ZENONIA® 5 - screenshot

ZENONIA® 5 - screenshot

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