Monster Heart v1.00.03 APK

Requirements: Android 4.0+
Overview: Join the Brotherhood Hunters in an exciting adventure in the ruins of a lost world!

Join the Brotherhood Hunters in an exciting adventure in the ruins of a lost world! Fascinating and dark fantasy world of dark, horrific monsters and exceptional weapons! Let The Hunt Begins!

After the invasion of Shadows to our world - mankind has been almost completely destroyed by monsters that have arisen at the time of the merge of the worlds. The world is destroyed at the base, and the Brotherhood Hunters - the last who can still fight and try to stop the invasion of Shadows.

Exciting single player campaign includes several Acts, where you will hunt the most terrifying creatures of the Shadow
Along with the hero, who unwittingly share fell to become a hunter, you will pass along the roads of the dying world, fighting fate and looking for answers
Great graphics
AAA-level graphics and attention to detail make this game a truly rich and vibrant
Unsurpassed shooter
Due to the smart management and excellent animation - offers breathtaking battle!
Destroy monsters dozens of different ways
At your disposal are crossbows, bows, shotguns, magic staffs and unique samples of experimental weapons!
Brotherhood of HuntersConnect with other hunters, sharing resources, and inviting them to access the most difficult test!

What's in this version: (Updated : 23 March 2016)
- Added the Act III of the Hunt!er’s adventure! Look forward to completely new locations, monsters and deadly weapons!
- Updated weapon categorization. Much more simple and convenient.
- Missions difficulty tweaks
- Bugfix

Download: APK+OBB (330 MB Like one App? Then support developers and buy it!

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