Play! APK

Requirements: Android 4.4+
Overview: PlayStation 2 Emulator for Android.

The newly announced Play is an emulator for the PS2 that is in very early stages, though according to its community pages many games will actually boot — though expect massive load times, tons of lag, jagged text, and many other issues.

Obviously Play is far from ready for primetime and not worth downloading to actually play games, making it more for testing and proof of concept at this stage. Still, this is a pretty impressive feat. While today’s gaming devices are more than capable of handling ports from the PS2 era, emulation is a very different (and highly unoptimized) animal, making it much more difficult. The fact that a PS2 emulator exists for Android at all is pretty awesome news and we imagine it will only get better in time.

*WARNING* This is still under active development and isn't yet ready for actual game play.

Weekly Build Update (2015-08-29)
- Added ability to save or load state.

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