Family Guy The Quest for Stuff v1.65.5 [Free Shopping & More] APK

Requirements: Varies with device
Overview: After another epic battle with the giant chicken, Peter Griffin has accidentally destroyed Quahog!

Play for FREE and rally your favorite FG characters (even Meg) to save the city in a hilarious new adventure from the writers of Family Guy. Or don’t, and regret it forever!

Game Features:
• It’s Free! Freakin’ free? Freakin’ sweet!
• Create a living Quahog that fits enjoyably in your pants
• Unlock hilarious outfits for your characters like Mermaid Peter, Bikini-Clad Quagmire, and Rambo Lois
• Send your characters on ridiculous quests
• Keep Quahog safe from pirates, evil chickens, and other invasions
• Peterfy your town with decorations such as The Petercopter, The Peterdactyl, and The Hindenpeter
• Unlock hundreds of brand new and classic animations

PS: You can play this game in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese!

PPS: Don’t forget to watch new episodes of Family Guy on Sundays - only on FOX!

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What news:
Don Corleone comes to town to start up his counterfeit cookie operation. The Don hires Peter to take care of his business and squash the competition. Can Peter keep his family safe on the road to riches? Will the mob life be more than what Peter bargained for? Can Peter eat a hundred cannolis? Watch the action unfold with Peter Griffin as The Fatfather.
More Info:

• Free shopping
• Free rushing
• and old items

Download: APK 

Original: Family_Guy_The_Quest_for_Stuff_1.65.5.apk (57.53 MB)
Mod: Family_Guy_The_Quest_for_Stuff_v1.63.0_Mod.apk (62.12 MB)

– Free Store
– Free Premium Items
– Free Character Action Skipping
1. Download and Install APK file.
2. Launch Game & Play!

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff - screenshot

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff - screenshot

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff - screenshot

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff - screenshot

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff - screenshot


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