How to run Windows XP on Android

So running windows xp on your Android device is possible.

Running Windows XP or other x86 based operating system in Android became too much popular in the world of Android mod. I am neither an Android developer nor an android modder. I found some mode in the XDA Developer but those are too short. Many people like me, want to mod their Android device, want to do something extra with it but do no get proper guide. So, I am describing here "How to run Windows XP in Android". You will not became boar any more here like XDA Developer's short and inconsolable tutorial.

  1. You must have a Android 2.2+ Device and Windows XP installed in your PC. (7, 8 not tested yet)
  2. Download: QEMU Manager, Bochs, Bochs for Android, SDL Folder
  3. Now install Bochs (Android & Windows) and QEMU Manager.


  • Procedure is quite long and it will complete in three phases. Don't get panic and be patient. These three steps are: 


  • Go to your Bochs installation location(mine: C:\Program Files\Bochs-2.6.2 and open up bcimage.exe
  • Type "fd" or leave as is and press "Enter" button. Press Enter button Again. At this step type "1500" and press "Enter". Once again press "Enter" (See the image if you can't understand). 
  • In this folder c.img will be created. Rename"c.image" to "c.vmdk".

  • We have created our hard disk which should be used to install Windows XP.
  • start the Virtual machine and run the installation of Windows XP 


  • Open "Qemu Manager 7" and creat a New Virtual Machine.
  • Now follow the instruction which you can see from the next image.

  • Click Next on the Next Windows.
  • Now click on "Drivers">>"CD-ROM and brows Windows XP iso image.

  • Start Virtual Machine and Install windows XP. Installation might take longer time than usual.
  • When installation is fully complete go back to the Boach installation directory again. Rename c.vmdk to c.img


  1. Place SDL folder in the root of you SD Card.
  2. Copy and paste "c.img" in the SDL folder which you created earlier.
  3. Open "Boach" App from your Android. You will some messages on "booting Windows XP".

Some Screenshots:
These screenshots was captured from my Lenovo Tab. It's really original. But very sorry, I bricked my tab iin another reason.

Please Note:
Use a device that have 1 GB of RAM and dual core processor. XP will run very slowly and booting procedure will take about 30 minutes or more depending on your device configuration. My device which is a MdeiaTek MTK 6575 with 1GB RAM took about 27 minutes.

You can try these trick with another x86 OS but performance may vary. Ex. if you want to install windows 7 you might need 8 GB of hard disk and a high end device. If this article help you, please leave your feedback. Since, I am not getting comment from Audience, I became too much heart. Thanks to all guys.